Overnight charges

Overnight charges

Overnight charges are a the fees a trader has to pay when holding a position overnight.

When traders are trading on margin, they can move a large sum with a rather small amount of money. The broker thus takes the overnight charges to finance the larger position over night.

Overnight charges often apply to forex trading, spread betting and contracts for difference (CFDs).

Overnight charges need to be considered as a part of the cost of trading. Discuss broker fees and other costs in our forum:

  • How its count as overnight? I think most of the broker will charge rollover after GMT23:00. If I open position at 22:00 and then 1 hour later, I will be charged rollover?
  • Hi JHTAN,

    This is all dependent on the broker when the rollover fees will be charged.
    So check this up at the website of your broker when the rollover will be charged.


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