What is an online broker?

In online trading, a broker is a financial institution that enables a trader to trade stocks, currencies or commodities.

Online brokers provide the medium in which buyers and sellers can trade. They act as an agent to traders and provide the means to buy and sell financial instruments across different asset classes. They do this by matching up orders from either liquidity providers or other individual traders.

There are different broker types that cater to the retail market:

Choosing an online broker

To make a good decision on choosing your first broker, we recommend this article:

Learn how brokers differ and what you need to know to choose a the right broker for your trading account.

At tradimo, we partner with a number of brokers. In our brokers section, each broker provides you with a lot information about themselves.

You might also want to ask questions about brokers to our communities. You can do this in our brokers forum:


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