Entering the market

Entering the market

In trading, "entering the market" refers to making a trade — i.e. buying or selling a financial instrument and going long or going short.

To enter the market, a trader first needs to place an order. They can manage the order, for example, changing the stop loss and take profit. As soon as a trade is executed, the trader manages the trade.

In our forex beginner strategy, you enter the market at the end of step 4:

Before your order turns into a trade, you need to monitor it. Adjust the entry point and the stop loss. If the market direction changes, cancel.
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Entering the market in MetaTrader 4

Read more about entering and managing orders in MetaTrader 4, the most popular trading software:

How to open and close trades, enter a stop loss/take profit and enter/cancel an order in MT4.

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