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The tradimo €100,000 Group Investment Challenge

Join chess world champion Hou Yifan and create €100,000 in joint profits together as a group. Top 5 traders to win a place in our trading seminar in Beijing, Top 100 to be rewarded with great prizes.

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Past competitions

Browse our competition archives and find out more about the great prizes and rewards we offered our members in the past. Get inspired and don't forget to look out for future competitions to benefit from the opportunities we bring you together with our partners.

The tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge (real money stage)

The second stage of the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge ran from 2nd November through 11th December.

Main prize in real money phase: a chance to manage a $50,000 Trading account with a 20% profit share. Second and third best performers received a $2,500 and a $1,000 trading accounts. In order to participate traders needed to make a deposit of (at least) a $500. Throughout the real money competition stage a maximum drawdown rule of 20% applied.

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As the end of the demo stage in our $50,000 Trading Challenge approaches so comes the beginning of the second, real money stage closer. Don't miss out on the chance to ...

The tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge (demo stage)

On the 14th of September together with One Financial Markets we launched the trading competition of 2015, the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge. The Challenge consist of two stages a demo and a real money stage, the first of which is currently underway and ends on the 2nd of October. The winners and runners-up will receive a $1,500, a $1,000 and a $500 trading accounts funded by One Financial Markets.

Trader's performance is evaluated based on their equity percentage gain however participants must keep their drawdown below 20% to avoid exclusion from either stages.

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This autumn tradimo in cooperation with One Financial Markets are organizing a two stage trading tournament. Find out more about the prizes and the structure of the ...

The Tradable Trading Challenge

The Tradable Trading Challenge took place from the 18th May 2015- 5th June 2015. The main prizes of this competition were a $5,000, $2,500 and a $1,500 trading accounts funded by One Financial Markets. As well as this, the best performers of the each week were rewarded with prizes from educators such as Steve Ruffley, Wayne Walker and Joel Kruger and there were also 9 news trading sub-competitions each with a prize of a $500 trading account. The best blogger received a $1,000 trading account.

The most valuable prize (worth about $15,000) went to the winner of the App idea competition. Participants, many of which never tried Tradable before were asked to come up with a trading app idea suggestion that would contribute to making Tradable the most advanced platform out there. The proposer of the best idea won the opportunity to have the app developed for him/her and enjoy full ownership as well as revenue from sales.

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Sign up for the Tradable Trading Challenge and prove yourself in the world of trading! Enjoy great prizes worth $35,000, benefit from top class education and join in on ...

The Varengold $100,000 Trading Challenge

Our first ever trading challenge powered by Varengold ran from 15th July through the 24th August 2013... and what a competition it was! The winner had the chance to manage a $100,000 trading fund and the top 10 performers were invited to Gibraltar to meet the tradimo team and participate in a 2 week trading bootcamp. On top of that traders ranked 10-50 each won a trading book from our recommended reads.

To find the most suitable trader to manage the $100K fund we introduced the Modified Sharpe Ratio to evaluate their performance.

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Do you consider yourself an ambitious trader? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to have a career in trading? Varengold bank FX and tradimo have teamed up to offer ...
  • hi there when is one financial trading competition (demo) finish ?
  • Hi Amit, it finishes tomorrow.
    If you are interested in the real money competition sign up now:
  • Do you mean last day for registration was 3rd October?
  • Hi Pkchakra,
    The demo competition ended on the 2nd October. The real money competition start November and you have 4 weeks to register for it:

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  • I didn't get clarity of the terms & conditions. When I deposit $500 I get an entry. But if I am not the winner of any of the 3 position what do I get from the profit I generate by trading for the period?
    May I get it clarified please?
  • Hi Pkchakra,
    The benefit if you didn't win is your profit.

    Quite obvious isn't it? So why do we have to put it down in writing?

    It is because some traders contacted us and thought the $500 is an entry fee and the prizes are going to be funded from the participants deposits.

    This is absolutely not the case.

    The deposits and profits you generate remains fully yours and One Financial Markets are funding the prizes from their own funds.

    Hope that clarifies the misunderstanding.
    I hope now you can go ahead and sign up with peace of mind:

  • I find some disparities in your post regarding competition. While you said all pofits generated during competition are of trader's, whereas its mentioned in the terms that 20% of the profit will be shared to trader's account for further tradre. They did not indicate that the profits can be withdrawn by trader's immediately after completion of the contest.
    May I request you to explain the terms here from your end, so that I can be cross checked by my understanding.
  • Hi Pkchakra,
    The profits you fully keep refers to the account you open, fund and trade through the competition and potentially after.

    The profit share of 20% refers to the main prize: that is the $50,000 trading account provided by One Financial Markets for the winner of the real money competition only.

    Does that make sense?
  • I am not clear. Say I trade with the $50 k & I increase the account to $60 k . Is that I am eligible for the entire $10k which is added by my trade-profit or I get $2k as 20 %?
    I may not run after the prizes yet maitain a disciplined method of trading as per limited understanding of forex trading.
    And what is there after , is that the money goes to trading account as my future capital to trade?
  • You get to withdraw $2k (20% of $10K).

    And what is there after , is that the money goes to trading account as my future capital to trade?

    Are you referring to the 8K? That is the broker's cut. I imagine they either withdraw it or might want to discuss its future with the trader. If they trust the trader they might allow him/her to trade a larger stake.
  • Mr. Peter, thanks for clarifying my doubts one after the other. I need to know whether I need to deposit $500 immediately after my registration or I can make deposit before I start trading may be after 1st week of November?
    The other quiestion is , do I have to have minimum numbers of days to trade & minimum lots to trade?
    Your replies will be helpful to me.
  • I would recommend you to make the deposit right after opening the account. The reason for that is that some payment methods can take up to a week to be processed. And the $500 needs to be credited before the 1st November which is a Sunday anyway so technically payments need to be on the account latest 30th October to be safe. There are no minimum days or lots.
  • Thanks for your clarification.

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