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Meet the group that makes tradimo happen! Get to know to the team from company heads to your community managers and contributors who bring you flawless content, great videos and much more. There are also lot of helpers behind the scene such as freelance experts, translators, designers, voice artists and education experts but the list would grow too long if they were all included here. However, their addition to your favourite online school and community is invaluable!

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Alexandros Bourantas



Peter Balint
Peter Balint aka hindsighthero

English Community Manager

Matthias aka nleeson111

German Coach & Community Manager, Economist and Trading Expert

Andrey Orlov
Andrey Orlov

Russian Community Manager

Pei-ching Eh

Chinese Community Manager

ammar moulla
Ammar Moualla aka ammarr

Arabic Community Manager


Dean Peters-Wright tradimo Education Manager
Dean Peters-Wright

Trading expert, Editor, Writer

Jack Inman
Jack Inman

Trading Expert

Andrew Jeken
Andrew Jeken

Trading Expert

Tobias Schmid
Tobias Schmid

Trading Expert

Jason Sen B&W
Jason Sen

Trading Expert & analyst at

Jared Tendler
Jared Tendler

Mental Game Expert

Joel Kruger
<b>Joel Kruger</b>

Trading Expert

Jose Huwaidi
Jose Huwaidi

Video Content Producer

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