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What do you do at tradimo?
I am the Manager of the English Community. I work as a freelancer mainly from the UK, but for the first half of 2015 I joined tradimo’s Copenhagen office and summers I work from my hometown in Hungary. My main activities include: engaging and supporting the community, writing articles, editing pages.

What brought you to the tradimo team?
I had been trading and looking for a community with easy to approach people before finding tradimo. I sought more advanced traders to learn from and in turn I wanted to share my experience with others as well. I started as a Mod then became Community Supporter and recently I was put in charge of the English operations.

What do you love about trading?
The fact that the financial markets are open to everyone just fascinates me. If you consider at least 90% of people have good enough computers and internet connection to try online trading. The opportunity is right there in front of everyone, yet so few people recognize and take advantage of this. I don’t want to be one of them. Online trading is a unique opportunity, a potential source of satisfactory income as well as personal freedom that no other job can provide.

What makes you passionate about tradimo?
tradimo is your one-stop-shop of trading: you’ll find here everything you need. From theory to practical tips, from great offers to motivation and support. The people behind tradimo, some of which I had the luck to meet in person and work along with, belong to the most inspiring people I have ever known.

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