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About me

I have always been interested in trading and investing. The first thing I did on my 18th birthday was to open a brokerage account. I wrote my final high school thesis about Warren Buffett before going to university to learn more about business and finance.
I then studied at a business school (WHU) in Germany where I've learned a lot about currency exchange, the impact of central bank speeches and of course a lot about leading businesses in general. Afterwards, I joined the company behind tradimo and soon thereafter tradimo became my biggest passion!

What I like most about trading & tradimo

1. The helpful spirit: in our community, our members help each other. It's not just our expert teams who try to help with all the questions in our forum!

2. The challenge: both the markets and making tradimo a better website drive me every day.

3. The competitiveness: being a trader is like having your own small business. You need to make a plan, analyse the situation, develop an opinion, take a risk. And if you're right – it pays off!

4. I belong here! Maybe the irrational part of why I love trading and tradimo. I love to be a part of the market and of this community and sharing opinions.

5. The importance: Trading is part of human nature our society. Ever since there has been a division of labour, people needed to trade. Let's say I focus on teaching you something and you focus on producing food. I will have to trade my knowledge for your food to survive. And you will want to learn something to be able to lead an even better life. Our society is a bit more complex than that example, and so to determine the fair price of things, we have established markets on which every single person can trade.

My recommendations

If there's three lessons I'd really recommend to you, it's:

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