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What do you do at tradimo?

I produce the video content for tradimo. A team of voice-over artists, designers, writers, musicians and I are behind the videos that you will find here and in social networks.

What bought you to the tradimo team?

The challenge of being part of a start-up months before the launch and the self rewarding experience of being part of this dynamic team. We were basically a handful of people making decisions that would have great repercussions.

What do you love about trading?

What I like about tradimo is that we are telling everybody that they are part of the financial world – that they can understand what is going on out there and put in practice the knowledge they acquire to manage their finances and investments. Trading is the way and tradimo builds the path. Understanding the movements of the financial world in a chart is fascinating.

What are you passionate about at tradimo?

The freedom to create is what I am passionate about at tradimo. Basically everything works in the same way. We know we have to do something to develop this area of the website, or that we have to create ideas on how to bring to life important and complex concepts that otherwise would be boring. And we just do it. The going forward and positive mindset of the whole team is just great.

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