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  • Hoover, thank you for being interested. In fact, I have done create review and have many friends who highly recommended this product and I am a user myself. You can always download it and discuss with me on my trading groupsmile

    You are welcome to join my trading group and be part of ussmile

    Safe trade to you my friend.
  • I have also read your comments and I think maybe I can help you with your concerns. You are looking for demo accounts. Technically you can sign up with any broker who are reputable. However, demo account comes with a limit, usually 2-3 weeks.

    Over at my website, we have exclusive offer which gives our traders unlimited demo account for opened lived account. I recommend you to read more about our our trusted broker. Feel free to contact me anytime when you need over at my website.

    Sorry for not responding fast on tradimo as I am quite busy these periods sharing trading workshops and also creating a community group.

    Safe trade to you my friend. Look to hear from you!

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