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What bought you to the tradimo team?

I have always had a love and passion for the industry. I studied Business and Finance in the UK and the US and after I completed my MBA, I went on to study trading and the financial markets in Chicago and London. I have a background in market analysis, trading and I worked in the publishing sector within the financial industry. I was also involved with trading education.

When I heard about tradimo and the vision to revolutionise the trading education sector, I didn't hesitate. I believed that a company that would offer an encompassing education experience in trading and investment, with the heart of the student in mind who wants to learn, would be the very thing that the industry is missing. The trading education industry so far has not fully embraced that it can be difficult for beginners to start. And then when they do, there is no full product that guides them through their learning and also supports them when they are starting to trade on a demo or a real account, unless they pay a lot for the privilege. I came to Gibraltar and never looked back.

What do you love about trading?

First of all, I love the interconnectedness of the financial markets with everything that affects everyday life. I find that breaking down the global economic system, and the way that each economy connects to each asset class, fascinating – like putting together pieces of a puzzle. It's amazing how something that happens in one country on one side of the world can affect the price of a currency or the economy of a country in another part of the world – there are so many connections that you simply would never know about until you start to really look at it.

I also love the psychology of trading. Sometimes when you are looking at a chart, you can just see what traders are thinking and how they are reacting to news or an event that happened. To me, the price chart constantly tells a story and you just have to stop trying to guess what is going to happen, take a step back and let the market tell you its story.

What are you passionate about at tradimo?

As I said, I came to tradimo and never looked back. Everyday there is a new challenge and a new idea to implement. We constantly talk about how we can get the best experience for our students – breaking down the mindset of new traders, and designing the best guidance and ways to reduce the entry barriers. We have so many plans and so much to do that you barely notice a day go by. We are constantly looking at so much, in terms of new strategies, asset classes and learning methods, so that anyone anywhere can trade anything they want.

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