tradimo wins most innovative product award for its powerful client acquisition tool

Tradimo has won the Most Innovative Product Award at the Forex Magnates London Summit following the launch of its new educational gaming company last week which aims to attract millions of new traders to the retail FX industry.

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Sebastian Kuhnert, co-founder of the newly formed organisation tradimo play, announced the company on the Innovation Stage at the Forex Magnates event and highlighted the benefits of its mobile game-based app to a panel of judges consisting of some of the world’s most influential CEOs in the retail FX industry.


The new game, launching in Q2 2015, offers the highest quality at the intersection of gaming and education. It will immerse people into the trading world where they will play a game and through the process, learn to trade so that they will want to open up a real trading account and start their trading careers. It is being brought to market by a team with a track record of bringing in huge numbers to an industry, including over 7 million new poker players to poker as part of

DMM FX in Australia has signed on as the first broker to offer the new product to clients and prospects, attracted by Tradimo’s expertise in delivering new audiences from outside the industry.

Since the announcement last week, there has been high demand from other brokers across the globe, keen to be one of a handful of organisations to partner with tradimo play and have access to this powerful client acquisition tool.


Sebastian Kuhnert commented, “I am thrilled that we have won a prestigious Forex Magnates Award award based on our innovative idea and future potential. The Innovation Stage at the Forex Magnates London Summit has been the launch pad for businesses which have revolutionised the industry and this accolade has given us a major boost at an early stage in our development.”

Dean Peters-Wright, co-founder of tradimo play adds, “There is a huge opportunity for tradimo play to help brokers with their acquisition costs, conversion rates and retention and we are excited about the opportunities for growth. Most brokers compete for the same small pool of enthusiasts and we are about to significantly widen that pool, attracting people who have never even thought about trading.”

Tradimo play is a Danish start-up organisation, owned by Tradimo Interactive, which also owns Since its inception in 2012, has seen over 1.6 million users learn from their unique, easy and beginner friendly lessons and videos. In that time, over 135,000 users have signed up to receive unique offers from tradimo and online brokers.

High quality brokers hoping to be involved with the launch of the tradimo play app in Q2 2015 can contact for further details.

About tradimo play

tradimo play is a Danish start-up company, focusing on the future of mobile gaming trading education through the launch of its mobile gaming app.

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