tradimo to bring millions more traders into the retail FX market


The team behind the hugely successful online trading school,, has launched a new company, tradimo play, which aims to open up trading to millions of gamers and learners. They are launching a mobile game-based app, initially available only through selected brokers, to engage an audience that has never contemplated trading.

With a track record in bringing in huge numbers to an industry - having been part of that resulted in over 7 million new poker players that had never considered poker before – tradimo play’s focus on the retail FX market is already creating waves in the industry.

Brokers recognise the major impact this game can have in terms of reducing acquisition costs and increasing conversion rates.

The company plans to partner with just a handful of major brokers to bring the game to market – and has already had interest from prestigious brokers around the world keen to get involved in the next big trend, combining gaming with education.

DMM FX: The First Broker On Board

DMM FX in Australia has signed on as the first broker to offer the new product to clients and prospects. Attracted by tradimo’s expertise in delivering new audiences from outside the industry, DMM FX was impressed by the potential benefits that this product has to offer.

Koji Miura, CEO of DMM FX comments, “Finding new clients is always hard because we are competing with the same target audience that everybody else is targeting – the 1% of the population that is actively trading. With what we’ve seen of tradimo play, we will be able to expand our reach to the other 99% who have an interest but are not actively engaged in forex trading.”

tradimo play

The new game offers the highest quality at the intersection of gaming and education. It will immerse people into the trading world so that they will want to open up a real trading account and start their trading careers.

Sebastian Kuhnert, co-founder of tradimo play commented, “Most brokers compete for the same small pool of enthusiasts. Competition is mainly on price and service, seldom on unique features or innovative, self-led education. We see a huge opportunity to help brokers with their acquisition costs, conversion rates and retention.”

Dean Peters-Wright, co-founder of tradimo play adds, “Education is the single most important way for any broker to acquire and retain clients – we want offer our clients the single best education offering out there. We have bought new players to poker and new traders to trading but the audience we have engaged so far is tiny compared to the blue ocean of people out there. With tradimo play, we can dive deep into that ocean.”

Tradimo play is a Danish start-up organisation, owned by Tradimo Interactive, which also owns Since its inception in 2012, has seen over 1.6 million users learn from their unique, easy and beginner friendly lessons and videos. In that time, over 135,000 users have signed up to receive unique offers from tradimo and online brokers.

High quality brokers hoping to be involved with the launch of the tradimo play app in Q2 2015 can contact for further details. For more information on DMM FX, please visit

About tradimo play

tradimo play is a Danish start-up company, focusing on the future of mobile gaming trading education through the launch of its mobile gaming app.

About DMM FX Australia

DMM FX Australia has seen exponential growth by offering, tight spreads and excellent offers to their customers. The DMM Group is a global provider of online trading services. Its members are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia and the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan.

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