Feb 6 2013 3:11 pm

tradimo.com Launches 37 Lessons in the First Phase of its Stock Trading School

While still in beta, tradimo.com has become one of the most comprehensive free trading communities by launching the first 37 lessons in its stock trading school in English, German, and Russian. At the same time, the site has adde

GIBRALTAR, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The online trading community tradimo.com is barely 6 months old, and has just launched its free stock trading school in conjunction with a new quiz feature that allows people to evaluate their understanding of key market concepts. Users can now learn (for free) how to trade stocks with both short term and long term strategies, and get instant feedback on their comprehension of the lessons.

The first phase of the stocks trading school complements their existing Forex education and makes tradimo.com already one of the most comprehensive online trading education programs available.
Sebastian Kuhnert, CEO of tradimo.com, commented:

“The Stocks School is a key addition to our education community, and something our users have been asking for since we launched in November. It’s the natural next step for our growth.”

The new quiz feature on tradimo.com allows users to put their learning’s from lessons into practice, and identify where extra effort is needed. Questions about the answers can be discussed in the forums.
Sebastian Kuhnert added:

These improvements will help foster more discussion within our community – which we know is very valuable for online learning.

For people who are new to stock trading, the lessons start with the very basics, but also cover advanced concepts for more experienced traders.

About tradimo.com

From its home in Gibraltar, tradimo.com was launched in November 2012 with the mission of helping people take control of their finances. The company is focused on building user-friendly content and an engaged community in English, German, and Russian. tradimo.com is privately financed by PokerStrategy.com, the world’s largest community and e-learning site for poker, with over 6 million users. This partnership has allowed tradimo.com to leverage the knowledge and skills needed to build an active online community and education platform.

Please contact tradimo.com’s Chief Strategy Officer, Lutz Enke, for more information at pr@tradimo.com.

SOURCE: tradimo.com

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