Jun 6 2013 7:44 am

€1 Million in Free Trading Capital Available for tradimo.com Members

Varengold extends free trading capital offer to €1 Million, helping up to 10,000 new traders better understand the psychology of trading with real money.
GIBRALTAR, June 11, 2013

Following a hugely successful trial which attracted more than 5,000 new traders in less than a month, the German investment bank Varengold is extending the offer to €1,000,000. Up to 10,000 additional tradimo.com members will get €100 each in their trading account to start trading Forex. Enabling new traders to trade with real money will help develop a more realistic trading psychology than can be achieved with demo trading (see the Demo Account Dilemma infographic). Sebastian Kuhnert, CEO of tradimo.com, commented:

“It’s one thing to learn the mechanics of trading on a demo account, but it’s an entirely different experience trading with real money – even if it was free.”

Varengold believes that well educated traders will be more profitable in the long run – which is why they partnered with the new trading school, tradimo.com. The young start-up is focused on education, offering hundreds of free lessons and live coaching. To cope with with the big influx in new members, tradimo has had to expand the number of free coaching sessions. Jack Inman, a trading coach at tradimo had this to say:

“We get to see first-hand how the demo account dilemma plays out with our traders. It will be really interesting to see how people learn to manage the psychological challenges of trading with real money.”

Both Varengold and tradimo are realistic that most new traders won’t become professional traders using free money alone, but they hope some people will continue to use trading as a viable personal investment vehicle. For more information, see the Varengold Free 100 offer.

About tradimo.com

From its home in Gibraltar, tradimo.com was launched in November 2012 with the mission of helping people take control of their finances. The company is focused on building user-friendly education content and an engaged community in English, German, and Russian. tradimo.com is privately financed by PokerStrategy.com, the world’s largest community and e-learning site for poker, with over 6 million users. This partnership has allowed tradimo.com to leverage the knowledge and skills needed to build an active online community and education platform.

For press inquiries, please contact Chief Strategy Officer, Lutz Enke for more information at +350 200 43510, or visit the press section at tradimo.com/press/.

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