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Snipe The Trade is a market analysis and trade signal service ran by tradimo instructor, Orlando Gutierrez. His signals have produced an average of 500 pips per month from 10+ trade signals a week. Get live trading signals straight to your mobile. A free 5 day trial is available.
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Many traders don't know exactly how to judge when a trade goes wrong. Orlando prides himself in having researched and tested various means of determining when a trade idea is invalidated and he arrived at a system made up of a combination of support and resistance, Fibonacci and order book analysis. To find out more about his technique of setting accurate stops and how he swing trades forex an futures, check out:

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Orlando is a founding partner and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Head Trader. He has several years of experience privately managing funds for his clients and investing them in the financial markets with his "ride the waves" approach to trading. His new role with the company will be to lead the research and analysis team, as well as being responsible of the overall risk management of our portfolio and signal generation service.

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