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AgenaTrader is a very powerful, multi broker trading platform which goes a step further. Besides discretionary and automated trading, semi automated trading is fully integrated. You can get AgenaTrader through tradimo for free.


Special offer!

Get your hands on AgenaTrader Andromeda version for free €0 (instead of €1,190) + a bonus if you open an account with CapTrader


The goal is

  • automating the routine work of a trader in his daily trading cycle
  • to save more time to check the quality of his trades
  • reducing the time in front of the computer
  • reducing the risk for the trades,
  • but to increase the number of opportunities and profits.
Trading computer

AgenaTrader supports functionalities like

  • Opening 2000 Charts at a glance
  • Real time scanning of 1000s of instruments in different time frames
  • Drag & Drop signal programming
  • Drap & Drop strategy programming
  • Deeply integrated risk/money management
  • Automated order sizing
  • Automated trade management

How do you get AgenaTrader through CapTrader?

  • Sign up to CapTrader using the link below
  • Follow the instructions to get your account verified
  • Generate at least €200 in commission per month
  • Following verification send your broker an email to get help with setting up the platform.
  • You can then contact AgenaTrader here and request the download link in case you haven't received it from your broker.
  • Remember that you need to generate at least €200 in commission every month, otherwise your license will be deactivated

Get AgenaTrader now

Broker Dependent Basic Centaurus Andromeda

Free Agena Trader lifetime Andromeda version*, if you open an account at CapTrader through tradimo.

AgenaTrader Andromeda version, available for you to use at CapTrader.

Good for automated traders who only trade a limited number of instruments.

Premium version to execute a multitude of trades. Comes with market scanner and integrated trading journal.


Upgrade discount!

After obtaining the Basic version you can upgrade to Andromeda for only €400 saving you €790. *


*The free Basic version can only be used for trade execution with CapTrader. To use the platform with multiple brokers a direct sign up for the Andromeda version is required. AgenaTrader Terms & conditions apply.

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