May 24 2017 11:51 am

Tradimo trading account launched

From now on we want to convince with concrete trades and strategies in practice and start a trading account. All premium members get regular insight.
Our trading account is initially filled with € 130,000 and our goal is to achieve an annual return of 20 - 30%, whereby we attach great importance to a reasonable risk and money management.

What can you expect?

You will be able to observe a wide range of different concepts and strategies. At the same time, we do not focus on just one asset class, but also deal with equities, currencies, commodities, ETFs, bonds and options. There is something for everyone. It is aimed at newcomers, advanced traders and experts.

What are the strategies?

We deal with a variety of strategies, which can be roughly divided into the following categories: breakouts, dividend stocks, option strategies, spreads, chart technology and more.

Who is trading the account?

The account is traded by our M&M team, that means by Matthias K. and Matthias D..

Matthias K. has been dealing with the financial markets for several years and has become a successful trader through Tradimo. He is also responsible for the premium service. If you would like to know more about Matthias K., we can highly recommend the interview with him.
Matthias D. aka nleeson111 has been with Tradimo since 2012 and has been active in the financial markets for almost 17 years, and has been very intensively on the futures markets for the past 3 years. Also, you can read a interview.

How can I see the positions?

In our weekly newsletters, we regularly present some trade ideas, which in the future are partly also trades. In addition, all premium members receive as usual a separate newsletter (represents NO signal service!), In which we show all trades traded and to the idea behind it more detailed. It is therefore worthwhile to be a premium member, also because of course we will talk about these trades in our webinars. It should be mentioned here that we will also be dealing with more complex option strategies, because many of these trades are also carried out in their own accounts.

Which trading platform is used?

The Trader Workstation (TWS) is used. Now the question may arise: Why not the MetaTrader 4? The answer is simple: The TWS offers all the prerequisites for applying complex strategies and sophisticated order management. This way we are able to meet even the most demanding experts and experts. If you are interested in a broker with the TWS, you should definitely check out Captrader, which also offers a great 250€ bonus.

How can I become a Premium Member and see all trades?

Getting a premium service is easy. To do this, just click here and select the dedication package. The first month is free and you can test the service in peace and convince yourself.

If you want to take 3 free months, offers you a unique offer. For more details just click here.

The trades carried out in the commercial account are only to be understood as suggestions and as a stimulus for discussions and do not constitute a recommendation! For administrative reasons, a demo account is initially used.

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