Oct 31 2013 11:29 am

The tradimo competition winners trip to Gibraltar

Find out what the winning traders got up to during their two week trading camp in Gibraltar.
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Trading camp

This summer tradimo teamed up with Varengold to offer its members the chance to take part in the $100,000 trading challenge. The top ten traders in the competition won a two week trip to Gibraltar and a place in the tradimo trading camp.

Two weeks in Gibraltar

The winning traders got the opportunity to spend time with our expert forex coaches, and spent each working day learning how to improve their forex trading. This is not all however, the traders also got to spend time dolphin spotting, monkey watching, learning golf, playing football and much more!


Need some inspiration? Take a look at the video we have put together of the two-week course, in and out of the office, to see what you could win next time around!

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