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Sign up for the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge and take your first step towards becoming a professional fund manager

This autumn tradimo in cooperation with One Financial Markets are organizing a two stage trading tournament. Find out more about the prizes and the structure of the competition.

Application for the demo competition is now closed. To participate in the real money competition sign up here:
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This year you will have no regrets when the summer holidays are over. Whether you go back to school or work tradimo's got something that's going to keep you on the edge of your seat this autumn. On the 14th of September together with One Financial Markets we are launching a two stage trading tournament that will run all the way til Christmas. The trading competition will have two different stages and the winner of the final stage will be rewarded with a $50,000 account from One Financial Markets to manage, where he/she gets to keep 20% of the profits generated.

Stages of the competition

The two stages will run successively and independently form each other. It means that you are welcome to join either or both stages and you don't need to do the whole tournament to be eligible for a prize. The details of the various stages can be found below:

Competition stageWhen?Requirements/RestrictionsPrize*
Demo competition14th September -2nd Octobernone$1,500, $1,000, $500 trading accounts for the top 3 traders
Real money competitionNovember-Decemberminimum $500 depositMain prize: $50,000 trading account, 20% profit share, runner up and third place: $2,500, $1,000 trading accounts

* Prizes are subject to T&C

Winners will have to show real trading skills: traders with larger than 20% maximum drawdown will not be eligible for any prize.

Max Drawdown = (Peak value before largest drop-Lowest value before new high established)/(Peak value before largest drop)

Personal Coaching

Webinars, Educational programs

During the tournament several experts and educators will join in to help and guide you through the competition. Watch out for our upcoming announcements for more details.

Get prepared for the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge

Do you feel you lack the right knowledge to participate in the competition? Have a look at our lessons to bring you up to speed on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, money management and psychology:

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  • Hi,
    To Join the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge, I used the Join Now button and submit the information. But as per the T&C should I open demo a/c directly by visiting the brokers' website? to join the compition.
  • Hi Dipakz,
    Thanks for signing up.

    You only need to fill in your details on the One Financial Markets competition page and press "Submit". After that you will receive an email with your log in details which means your account has already been opened for you. Finally click "Download ONE | MT4" and follow the installation wizard.

    Let me know if you have any issues at any stage.
  • Is the Trading Challenge not available for US residence? Under country I didn't notice a selection for US.
  • Unfortunately the participating broker cannot offer trading accounts to U.S. residents due to financial regulation. We are looking into the details so that we can offer a competition for U.S. residents in the future. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • RESPECTED SEBASTIAN missed u for months......really...and i lost my dollars..when u were away...KINDLY post YOUR wild guess ABOUT USD/CAD...AUD/NZD...AUD..USD...NZD/USD AND EUR/USD IN THE SUBSCRIBED THREADS....WISH U AGOOD LUCK EXTREMELY HAPPY TO SEE U AROUND
  • You need to develop your own strategy and have confidence in it. Have clear rules for entries, exits, and maximum risk per trade and then backtest it, if you have good results, trade it in a live market on demo, and then finally start trading your own capital. Start out with something small that you can afford to lose and add to it as you build confidence. For most traders getting to the stage where they are making money consistently takes many months of effort and grit. YOur goal should be executing your strategy consistently and making good decisions.
  • Hello everybody I just joined tradimo. I want to find out if expert advisors are allowed in this competition. thanks
  • Hi FxGiant,
    They are allowed so please feel free to sign up.


    Win trading accounts, sign up now for the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge
  • HI, I have joined with this on the start that tradimo sent the email. But upon logging into my account, I noticed a $15,000 demo account instead of $50,000, so I register again and it is still $15k. Which one is true?
  • Hi Xtrapips,
    Thanks for joining. The prize of the real money competition stage is a $50,000 account to manage. You start with $15,000 but it doesn't really matter because relative gain counts, not the balance.

  • I already registered and got the account number but I've lost it., Can i register once again or what to do ??
  • Hi Fxosama,
    In order to retrieve your account credentials please write to
  • we'll receive an email saying that the competition started? Or we can simply start trading from September 14?
  • Hi Igor,
    There will be no reminder. You can start trading 14th September from 0:00 BST ie. London time.
  • how to know or check the drawdown of our trading account ?
  • Hi Kraimen,
    You can monitor your drawdown in MT4 detailed reports.

    To create a Detailed Report: right click in the Account History Tab and select All History to get your entire record. Generate a Detailed Report from the same right click menu. Scroll down once the statement is open and check your drawdown numbers.

    Hope that helps.
  • Yes, today is the first day of the competition.
  • A piece of advice from me to all participants: Watch your exposure carefully, already more than 100 participants have been disqualified due to more than 20% drawdown.
    Learn more about money management.

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