May 28 2015 2:08 pm

Submit your Tradable app idea

During the Tradable Trading Challenge there are many prizes up for grabs and one of the most exciting one is the prize for the best app idea suggestion. Read the article below and find out more about how to submit your idea.

As a contestant in the Tradable Trading Challenge and having spent almost two weeks getting to know Tradable you might have noticed that Tradable is not your ordinary platform. It is fully customizable, you can add and remove trading tools creating unique workspaces to best suit your needs.

idea bulb

Have you tried and experimented with apps from the AppStore? Is there a certain function or tool missing that would be a must-have for Tradable? Or do you have an app idea that would be a life changer for many traders? An app that would make Tradable the most awesome trading platform out there?

Tell us now for a chance to have it built for you. As the winner of the app idea competition you get to have your app developed by Tradable Labs and get full ownership of the app, a project worth $15,000.

How to submit the idea?

If you have a great concept and worked out all the details please visit the questionnaire on the page below:

Fill in the questionnaire

Need some guidance?

Below are the key points you need to consider before sending us your suggestion. Make sure you have a well thought out concept and and explain yourself concisely and clearly.
  • Which problem does the app solve?
  • What are the key features/tools/functionalities?
  • Find a catchy name

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