Mar 6 2017 10:00 am

With $1,000 in each of these 3 stocks in the 80s, you would be a millionaire today

Three 1,000 dollar investments in Apple, Microsoft and M & T Bank in the 1980s would have brought you 1.4 million dollars by the end of 2016.

For new investors, the market often seems volatile and scary. Sometimes it helps to keep the big picture in mind: Stocks bring returns over time and with luck or excellent analysis you can even multiply your money.

Aktien 1980er
Source: CNBC

When you consider a few absolute NO-GOs like too much risk in a single position or applying a completely wrong strategy, save regularly and invest long-term, it is almost impossible to lose money in the stock market.

For example, if you take the average return on equities over the past decades of around 7% per annum, and you save $500 a month, an initial investment of $5,000 grows to almost $100k in ten years, and after 20 years you can look at almost $300,000 and after 30 years at even $600,000.

But what if you want to grow faster and experience more aggressive returns? If you are a risk taker, you can act actively and as a good trader you can earn a higher return. At 20% per year, an initial investment of $5,000 and monthly savings of $500 can already help you grow to more than $200,000 after ten years and, after 20 or 30 years, to proud $1.5 million, or over $9 million.

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