May 19 2014 11:13 am

Come and trade live with Steve Ruffley from Wednesday

Steve Ruffley is a well known trading educator who has made a name trading live for students when major events occur.
Steve Ruffley

What can you expect from Steve?

FXStreet Forex Best Awards 2014

Steve has presented seminars to thousands of students on FXstreet and has been nominated for Best Presenter at the Forex Best awards 2014. He is also the creator of iView charts and Tradermaker PRO software, on which he will be showing his live trades.

Steve will present a series of seminars at tradimo in the Online Trading Classroom, starting this Wednesday 21st at 1pm (London time).

Wednesday 21 May

In Steve's introductory session, Steve will begin by presenting his strategies and how he trades, going deep into his perception of the market. This introductory session will set the tone for Steve's live trading in future sessions.

Friday May 23

Trading time! In this session, Steve will look for trades in the market using his bespoke software – iView – scanning and discussing any possible opportunities, across a range of instruments. Of course, if a trading opportunity presents itself, then Steve is not a man to back away from a trade – he will grab that opportunity in class, trade it live and talk you through it.

Thursday June 5

June 5 presents a big opportunity as this is the day that the ECB makes a decision on interest rates and if the unexpected happens, then the markets could present amazingly profitable opportunities. Mario Draghi has hinted that possible interest rate cuts are on the cards, in which case, the Euro is going to be primed for trading.

Come to the Online Trading Classroom and see how a veteran trader trades this event live. Steve will look at three particular instruments and will take trades based on the ECB decision.

It all starts this Wednesday – make sure you are there!

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