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Sign up for the real money stage of the $50,000 Trading Challenge

As the end of the demo stage in our $50,000 Trading Challenge approaches so comes the beginning of the second, real money stage closer. Don't miss out on the chance to manage a $50,000 fund, sign up now.

This autumn we launched a two stage trading championship, the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge. The demo stage ends this Friday, but the Challenge is far from over. Whether you are still in the competition or have already been eliminated or maybe this is the first time you heard about our Challenge, sign up now for the real money competition and trade for a chance to become a manager of a $50,000 trading account.

Join the real money competition

What you need to know

  • The competition will run from 2nd November - 11th December
  • In order to be eligible to participate you need to open an account and make a deposit of at least $500 - deposit and profits yours to keep
  • The main prize is the right to manage a $50,000 trading account with a 20% profit share, second and third best performer will win a $2,500 and a $1,000 trading account all funded by One Financial Markets
  • Whilst trading, your drawdown must not exceed 20%
  • Anyone can participate including participants and winners of previous competitions

Why participate?

Apart from the obvious that we have great prizes waiting for you, what other advantages are there for participating in the real money stage of the tradimo $50,000 Trading Challenge?

It is often cited that the main advantage of demo competitions is that there's no downside to it.

What about real money competitions?

Although there is a chance of losing money when trading a live account there is no additional risk from trading a live account as part of our competition. If you are new to trading the account you open for the competition might as well be your first live account. Think about it this way: the $500 is a minimum deposit which you can use for trading even after the competition has finished, any gains you make are yours to keep, and on top of that our 20% drawdown was created to prevent traders from taking excessive risks. In case your drawdown surpasses the 20% mark, you will be eliminated from the competition. It is probably the last thing you wanted to happen but we don't want you to lose your money. Think about it as safety measure and use the opportunity to revise your trading before you continue trading again.

Boost your trading knowledge

Do you feel you lack the right knowledge to participate in the competition? Have a look at our lessons to bring you up to speed on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, money management and psychology:

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  • In order to participate in the real money competition you must open an account with One Financial Markets and make a deposit of at least $500 before the 1st November.

    Depending on your payment type please allow for processing times which could take up to 7 days. To be safe please make sure your deposit is credited until Friday, 30th of October.

    Thank you.
  • What about if i have allrady oppend a real money account with OFM about 5-6 months ago, but never deposit. Will i use that accout or open a new one?
  • Hi Badia29,
    It is possible that you will be able to use that account however you need to let One Financial Markets know that you would like to enroll that account for the competition.

    To do that send an email with your account number to clientservices@ofmarkets.com, let them know you would like to participate and make the minimum $500 deposit.

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