May 19 2017 8:15 am is our new landing page for all members

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Every day, you can see changes and progress on our new website. With the launch of quizzes and reviews, we have now reached a point where the learning experience is better on the new site than on the old. Therefore, we want new users who come to Tradimo for the first time to start directly on the new website. Hence, we have decided to make the new landing page for all Tradimo users.

How can I find the community and news now?

We haven't created a new community and news section on the new site yet, so until we have done that, we are going to continue using the current community and news section. To get there, you just have to click on "Tradimo Community" on as you can see it here:

community EN

This button leads you to the the current "Hot Topics" section with the latest community posts and news. It is just one click more. The other and probably more convenient way is to bookmark the urls and

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