May 5 2015 11:11 am

eToro launches new career path for popular investors

eToro introduced a new career path for lead traders. Learn more about the path of becoming an Elite trader and find out how you can boost your income.

eToro's new Popular Investor program comprises of four stages. You can enter the first level "Cadet" by getting just one copy trader. As soon as you recruit your 5th copier you will be eligible to a 50% margin bonus to help you build your investor base. You can also benefit from referring friends to eToro with a Revenue share scheme that increases your cut as you advance in your career.

etoro champion

From the second stage "Rising Star" you get a fixed monthly pay of $350 and net spread rebates, whereas the third stage "Champion" entitles you to a Premium account, $1,000 monthly fixed, 50% rebates and 30% revenue from new clients.

You reach the top by becoming an "Elite" trader and receive either $1,000 a month or 2% of Assets Under Management (AUM) annually - whichever is greater, 30% revenue from new clients, 100% net spread rebate.

Start your eToro Popular Investor Career

For a detailed overview of the new Popular Investor program check out the table below:

Revenue share25%25%30%30%
Spread rebate-10%50%100%
Premium Account--YesYes
Requirements1 Copier50 Copiers250 Copiers*$300K in AUM*

*Responsible trading requirement applies

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