Aug 22 2016 4:45 pm

Chess World Champion Hou Yifan Joins Tradimo and Learns to Trade

Serial women's world champion and chess grandmaster Hou Yifan becomes Tradimo's ambassador for financial education and invites you to join her challenge.

"Money is not the most important thing in our lives", says Hou Yifan, "but we all need it to survive". According to her, chess and trading are both driven by logic and strategy and controlling your emotions plays a huge part in success. This inevitably links the two and this is the reason why China's most followed mind game player is keen to promote financial education and took on the challenge to learn to trade herself here, at tradimo's learning platform, and make at least €100,000 together with her fans following her training.

Watch our interview with Hou Yifan

Tradimo Founder and CEO Sebastian sat down with Hou Yifan in Madrid, Spain, for an interview and a game of chess. Watch the interview and learn more about Yifan, how she became a successful chess player and why she thinks it is important to learn about finance and trading.

The group trading challenge

Luckily for her (and for you), she does not have to do it all alone. Later this year, together with Yifan, we are planning a group trading challenge, where you too can participate, invite your friends, copy Yifan or make your own trades to reach €100,000 in joint profit. Make the largest amount of profit or refer the highest number of friends and you could a be invited to a tradimo trading bootcamp to Beijing and meet Yifan and fellow top performing traders for a dinner.

Details about the challenge will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Be among the first ones to receive updates about the challenge

Why sign up for the €100,000 group trading challenge?

  • Get Yifan's learning plan
  • Join live learning broadcasts with Yifan (in Chinese), but there will also be regular blogging updates in English
  • Get access to her trades and copy them
  • Join a unique group investment challenge
  • Win to tradimo's bootcamp in Beijing and a dinner with Yifan

Who is Yifan?

Hou Yifan

Hou Yifan is the youngest woman to ever win the title of Women's Chess World Champion at the age of 16. Since then, she won the title four times and is the youngest female player ever to qualify for the title of grandmaster and became the third woman ever to be rated among the world’s top 100 players and is widely regarded as the best active female chess player. In May 2016 she sparked a much-followed discussion around the way the women's chess champion is determined when she abandoned the women's grand prix after her call for a modernisation of the women's championship mode was repeatedly ignored by chess officials.

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  • It has been a pleasure and absolute honour to interview Yifan and I'm very proud that she has chosen to start learning to take care of her own money at Tradimo and help others do the same. She's an inspiration to millions and rightly so. I hope to see many of you follow her activities at Tradimo and join her via
  • The intentions are good with this promotion , but I think it will have no success.
  • Hi Freelancer,
    We are working hard to make it a success.

    Are you interested in a trip to Beijing? Refer your friends for a chance to win a spot in our trading bootcamp & holiday. For the next 5 months, the highest referrer each month wins a spot. You have been good at this in the past wink

  • The other, for me it was more interesting $$ involved, and more easy also benjim is to far wink lol 12h trip almost, and i have a girlfrined i can't go with out her lol she kill me hehe

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