Straddling and trend line accelerator strategy webinar

Before you watch this webinar, you should have completed...

Watch the 'Straddling & TLAC' webinar

Find out how to use the powerful trading technique called straddling to trade the news, get hands-on tips from Jack Inman how to apply it efficiently and avoid common mistakes beginners make. In the second part of the webinar Jack introduces you to his trend line accelerator strategy.

In the first part of this webinar you will learn...

  • ... what are the common mistakes people make when trying to straddle the markets
  • ... how to straddle efficiently like pros
  • ... what markets and what news events to trade with straddling
  • ... what brokers are ideal for straddling

In the second part you will learn...

  • ... how to use trend lines and accelerator indicator to take quick profits out of the markets

Who is Jack Inman?

Jack Inman

Jack has been a professional trader for nearly a decade. He has been a trading expert of the English community on tradimo and produced many high quality content and courses such as the Gap Trading, Advanced Gap Trading strategies. Before joining tradimo Jack worked as a prop trader at Marex and Tower Trading Group, and he was the Director of Cuatro Capital.

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