Advanced Pattern Class Recordings

Now that you completed all the advanced pattern lessons it is time to watch the relevant videos from our coaching archives. Let Andrew Jeken, a professional hedge fund trader, take you through the theory, rules and practical application of each of these patterns.

ABCD pattern

The ABCD pattern is a harmonic reversal pattern that helps you spot potential turning points in the markets. It consists of three legs where the first and the third leg are either equal in size or the third leg's length is a Fibonacci extension of the first one. Often there are further Fibonacci ratios between legs. Find out more in the video below:

Gartley pattern

The Gartley (often called Gartley 212) pattern is a harmonic retracement and continuation pattern. It consists of an impulse leg XA, and a retracement which is an ABCD pattern. As with the normal ABCD pattern, D indicates the potential reversal point where the trend determined by the XA leg could continue. Similarly to other harmonic patterns it is important to pay attention to the Fibonacci ratios inside formation. Watch the video:

Bat pattern

Bat pattern is another harmonic retracement and continuation pattern that indicates the resumption of the underlying trend. Similarly to the Gartley there is an ABCD formation inside the Bat pattern as well, but the Fibonacci ratios are different. Find out how to identify and trade the Bat pattern:

Butterfly pattern

As opposed to the previous formations the Butterfly pattern is a harmonic reversal pattern. It is meant to help you identify the end of a price move or trend. As you have seen at other harmonic patterns there is an ABCD formation inside the Butterfly pattern but again the Fibonacci ratios are unique to this pattern. Find out more about the Butterfly pattern:

Crab pattern

Crab (like the Butterfly) pattern is a harmonic reversal pattern. You can use it to identify extreme highs and lows in the market and trade the potential reversal taking place from these levels. The Fibonacci ratios that make up the Crab are exclusive to this pattern and it is essential to learn them correctly. Familiarize yourself with the Crab pattern by watching the video below:

Who is Andrew Jeken?

Andrew Jeken

Andrew is a professional trader with a flair for teaching others. For 6 years, Andrew has been breaking key trading concepts into simple, easy to understand pieces that beginner and experienced traders alike can use to help them profit from the financial markets.

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