Basics of Stocks? Check! – What's next?

In this module, you have covered the basics of trading and investing in stocks.

You have learned what stocks and shares are and how to buy and sell them.

You have also touched upon the various kinds of shares available – for example, large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap - and how to trade a stock index.

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What you read next depends on what you want to do:

If you want invest in the long term, building a conservative portfolio of stocks, we recommend our module on portfolio building:

Define your goals and your risk tolerance. Select the right companies to build a conservative portfolio.

If you want to trade more actively and want to acquire expertise in stock picking, we recommend to continue with this module:

Learn how stock analysis can help you choose stocks, whether you are looking to trade for a short, medium or long term.

There's even more to learn!

Our additional modules on stocks trading contain a lot of tools that deepen your understanding of stocks analysis.

In the valuation methods module, you learn how to read a company report and how to interprete it:

Analyse a company in more depth. Use its financial statement to decide how strong it is and whether its current share price is under- or overvalued.

In our module on share price ratios, we cover in-depth a number of ratios that can show you whether a share price is undervalued or overvalued:

The financial health ratios can tell you more about the financial health of the company:

After all that data-crunching: what external factors affect share prices? We'll go into government action, commodity prices and economic data:

Learn about the various factors beyond a company's control that will affect the price of its shares.
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You can also connect with other traders and investors, discussing your portfolio or individual stocks in our forum:

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