Save a picture of your trade in MetaTrader 4

Take a screenshot picture of your trade in MetaTrader 4 and post it in the tradimo forum.

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Step 1: Right click with your mouse anywhere on the chart, select Save as Picture:

Right click with mouse and select Save as Picture

Step 2: Select checkbox Post image online... and click OK:

Select 'Active chart', 'Post image online..." and click OK

Step 3: Copy the bbCode from the field at the bottom of the webpage:

Copy the BBCode from the field at the bottom of the page

Step 4: Paste the bbCode into a forum post the image will now appear inside your post:


Post pictures of your trades in our Trade evaluation forum where our coaches will identify what you did well and what could be improved.

If you have never done this before read our quick guide on how to post a trade evaluation.

You can find more help using MetaTrader 4 in our trading software forum:

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