What is Tradable?

Tradable is a full featured API that allows you to access and trade your trading account from a range of financial websites including tradimo.

How does it work?

To sign up for Tradable is easy as 1-2-3. After setting up for the first time, trading with Tradable is even easier.

Step 1: Click the 'Enable Trading' button in the header

Tradable Embed header

Step 2: Log in to Tradable or sign up

If you register for the first time you will need to create a Tradable account. Once you filled in your details and submitted the form you will get a confirmation email. Click the button below to connect your trading account to Tradable.

Important safety instructions
log in tradable

Step 3: Click the ticker symbols and trade

Tradable allows you to easily connect to your trading account through tradimo without having to download or open your trading platform. Sign in and execute trades right from any of our market news and articles or regular forum posts.

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The service is currently only available for clients of One Financial Markets but in the future more brokers will be integrated into Tradable.

To manage your trades in Tradable you will need to log in to Tradable Web. Click below and sign in with your Tradable username and password:

Monitoring and managing your positions directly from tradimo will be enabled in the future.

Got any questions? Check out the Tradable FAQs

Your Security Matters

Using Tradable on a public computer may compromise the security of your Tradable and trading accounts. A logout button is provided to close the trading session. When on a public computer do not use the “remember login” option and always ensure you cancel all your active logins in Tradable, Tradable dashboard as well as Tradable Web and close your browser when finished.

Security is an area Tradable take extremely seriously. All communication between and among Tradable's services are transmitted over secure channels (mainly HTTPS/TLS). Tradable uses the OAuth2 framework to federate access to a user’s brokerage trading accounts. This means that any app or service never has access to the actual trading account credentials but rather is provided with a unique session access token with permissions granted explicitly by the user for that particular app or service. Tradable uses industry-leading cryptographic and hashing practices to protect sensitive user account data. Furthermore, user brokerage credentials are encrypted and un-retrievable by anyone without the user’s plaintext Tradable account password, which is never stored in Tradable's databases. This means that not even Tradable employees have access to this sensitive data.

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