Recommended reading: Top six trading books

There are many great books on trading that can help you understand many aspects, such as technical analysis, psychology and money management. The following is a list of reviews of our favourite books that we recommend - some of the best trading books in the industry.

Trading in the zone

Mark Douglas

This is one of the most recommended books in the trading industry. It deals with the basic elements of psychology and explains how we are shaped by our beliefs and these beliefs inevitably find their way into our trading. A great book for self reflection, understanding the inner workings of our minds and letting go and accepting that we do not know what will happen in the markets.

Come into my trading room

Alexander Elder

Often noted as a trading bible, Come into my Trading Room focuses on money management and how to approach trading from a professional stand point. This book takes you through trading elements crucial to psychology and a disciplined mind set, giving the reader an insight into how to become a successful trader.

Technical analysis of the financial markets

John J. Murphy

Rated as one of the best technical analysis books for technical tools, indicators, charting patterns, and stocks, this publication goes one step further to give great examples and explanations. There are hundreds of technical analysis books on the market, however this one comes up time and again for traders' preferred reading.

Market Wizards

Jack D. Schwager

Market Wizards takes a different approach to helping readers master trading success, as it interviews amazing traders from almost every asset class imaginable and takes you through their journey of failure in the markets to success. Each trader tells their story of how they started out in trading and how they overcame their initial hurdles to achieve greatness in the markets.

Trade your way to financial freedom

Van K. Tharp

Considered a must have for traders, this book explores the essential elements of developing profitable strategies and techniques that can be applied to any market. Focussing on risk and reward, this book helps readers to evaluate their own trading methods to develop an achievable expectation of their trading career.

Way of the Turtle

Curtis Faith

Super trader, Richard Dennis, embarked on an experiment to turn normal people into profitable traders in an attempt to prove whether great traders are born or made. Nicknamed turtles, these ordinary people were trained in a system of Dennis's own design in just under two weeks before letting them lose on a real live account of Denis's own money. This extraordinary story tells of how one such turtle turned $1m into over $30m in the space of just four years.

Over to you...

Now it's your turn. Have we missed anything? Do you think any of our choices don't deserve a place in our top six? Let us know what you think!

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