The tradimo community principles

At tradimo, we come together because of a shared interest – we love trading! We want to be the best place to discuss online trading, investment strategies and the economy. We want you to enjoy your time here and ensure others do too.

Our goal is to make our forum a friendly and enjoyable place for all current and future members. That's why we need some principles and rules to stick to.

We have two simple principles:

  1. Be respectful & friendly
  2. When possible, be helpful

We all want to be treated friendly and respectfully. Even if sometimes, our questions might not be too smart. In a discussion, we can disagree with each other. But we still can keep a friendly and respectful tone towards other members.

Mutual support is a building block for our community. We might not always be able to help someone out – but if we can, we should try.

To support all of the above, all posts in should be done in English. This gives all users the same opportunity to join and/or read any discussion, and to get help from any user or tradimo staff member.

Sometimes, you might feel the urge to write something that is not in harmony with our principles. Try to resist this urge. It's a great feeling to be able to stay nice and respectful – even if we strongly disagree with something or someone.


Being a large community, we also need some rules. Many of the rules are just for clarification and match our values.

  • No flames. No insults. No disrespect.
  • No spam. Please don't disturb healthy discussions with meaningless posts.
  • No trolling. Please don't provocate - even if you think your post still can be read as friendly & helpful.
  • No ads. Please do not advertise any products or services without our consent.
  • No pornography.
  • No politically or religiously motivated mocking.

As hosts, we have to weigh up "freedom of discussion" and "being a great place for all traders". This can lead to offensive topics, languages or pictures being censored or – in extreme cases – deleted.

We understand that not everyone will always agree with all of our decisions. We will always try to moderate in a balanced way for the best of our community. You can give feedback to our moderation by dropping us a mail to

Enjoy our forum!

We hope you will like our forum and participate actively. You can find it here:

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