Trading Game – Practice Your Skills

Play Little Traders, Tradimo's game which helps you learn to trade and invest without risking real money. From time to time, you can earn real rewards and bonuses from banks and brokers through the game.

Little Traders – Build Your Wall Street Empire in the 1920s

Why Play Little Traders?

Help Mrs. Mueller and her friends invest their fortunes in the Roaring Twenties' stock market:

  • Buy and sell stocks with your little traders
  • React to news delivered by the newspaper boy
  • Trade realistic stock prices thanks to the Little Traders algorithm
  • Unlock new floors with authentic 1920s graphics
  • Hire more traders
  • Explore new stocks
  • Unlock advanced trading functionalities
  • Beat your friends' highscores
  • No real money needed, no real risk involved
  • Earn real rewards from banks and brokers (if you're older than 18)


  1. Most Innovative Product Concept (2014)
  2. Best Mobile FinTech Solution (2015)

Download Little Traders:

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  • hi how can I use "Trade-a-minute"? I have installed it on android. when I click on new trader button it does not work.
  • Trade-a-Minute (
    Hi Aime, sorry to hear the button didnt work for you. In order to get it working, could you please email us these details at
    1) Your mobile device model
    2) Country in which you installed
  • "Earn real rewards from banks and brokers (if you're older than 18)" What does that mean exactly?
  • charlangas:
    "Earn real rewards from banks and brokers (if you're older than 18)" What does that mean exactly?
    It means that while you are playing Little Traders you can get unique benefits from banks and brokers who are working with us in a particular country. The benefit is usually based on the level you have reached in the game and the most frequent benefit currently is a higher deposit bonus. You can only see these offers if you enter your email address, country and date of birth when the secretary asks you to do so at the beginning of the game, I believe she appears after the first or second (virtual) day of playing in the game.
  • Ohh cool, thanks for the answer!
  • You're welcome, hope you enjoy the game!
  • Hello. I signed up for trade a minute. I enter the wrong year on my birthday and was unable to change the year. I deleted the game and reinstalled on my iPhone. But did not get that option .i had serveral login fail attempts. I am using the same email as I use for little traders I am the same person. Once I was finally able to access Trade. A minute. It opens the page but doesn't go any further it doesn't work.
  • Trade-a-Minute (
    Hi Trent, sorry to hear about the issue you faced with Trade A Minute. Could you please send the snapshot of the page where it gets stuck to and also let us know your email address and we will solve the issue asap. Thanks again.
  • I'm on an android...when clicking the New User tab, asking me to check the internet connectivity while it is perfect. I'm talking about Trade A Minute...
  • Trade-a-Minute (
    Hi 007, you may try the Trade A Minute app again now- it should work now. Thanks
  • Hi.. i have installed the game.. but when i want to create a new trader it keep telling me to check internet connection..
  • Trade-a-Minute (
    Hi saiful91, we are currently facing some issues with the mobile apps and are in process of fixing it. Meanwhile, you can play the web version of the game on your laptop or PC at the top of this page. It will give you a bigger screen and a more accurate charting ability too.
  • i have tried the web version.. also can't sign up with it
  • same here..." Play a Trial Game " option above is working for me...
  • i want to know more about this demo forex account what can someone gain apart from experience?
  • Trade-a-Minute always gives "make sure you're connected to the internet" although I already am!
    Please fix this.