Free trading money from regulated brokers

The free starting money offer for your trading is intended to give people who are learning, the opportunity to start trading with real money without any personal financial risk. No deposit is required.

Why would a broker or bank make such an offer?

How does free trading money work?

Regulated banks and brokers are convinced that, if you:

  • invest time in learning about trading, you are more likely to become successful;
  • become successful with the free money, you will trade much more;
  • have a good experience with them, you will become a long-term customer;
  • like their offer, you will recommend them to your friends.

Why can I find such offers on tradimo?

The tradimo business model

tradimo earns money through advertising with our partners, which are regulated online brokers, banks and other financial institutions.

For every customer that signs up with an advertising broker through one of our links, tradimo receives commission. In many cases, this commission depends on how much the customer trades.

If you want to learn more about our online trading school and how tradimo earns money, read about our business model.

Identifying legitimate offers from trustworthy brokers

tradimo is an independent website that only provides offers from selected banks and brokers which are all regulated by local financial services authorities. Please feel free to share your experiences of these banks and brokers in our forum.

Always ensure that you only accept offers from reputable and regulated institutions. If you are concerned that an offer you find could be a scam or dubious, you can contact us for support at

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