Trading on gold coin instaed of gold.

  • Hi,

    Recently I have made some little works on gold and I would like to play on differents gold coins instead of gold ounce or kilogrames.
    But I don't find how to invest on them instead of physically buying coins.

    Is it possible to invest on coins with a leverage using CFD, future, or any other possibility (I just buy stock and don't know much about other type of product) ?
    Bassicaly I would like to have access at least at :

    -20 Francs Napoléon
    -20$ US
    -50 Pesos Mexico.

    Thanks in advance for help and sorry for english mistakes.
  • I am really not sure, sorry JulFRA, I never looked into coins.
  • Thanks for having answer,

    I have spend a little time on internet and it doesn't seem possible.
    I have ask just in case theyre is some special financial things witch allow to play on it.
    The "prime" (in french in the text), witch is different between coins was really interesting me and I was hopping to try to make money with it.

  • Some futures contracts are settled in gold while others are settled in US dollars, so investors need to pay close attention to the contract’s specifications.

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