Metatrader "waiting for update"

  • Hey guys,
    I'm new to trading, I just opened an account on and metatrader.
    So next I logged in to my account in the metatrader client, but when I click file > New chart > and then f.e. EURUSD.
    Now I don't get a graph but only "waiting for update"

    What should I do?
  • hmmm, I also had a similar issue. By default there are 4 charts loaded, and they all kept saying... waiting for update... so I closed those completely and opened all fresh charts, in charts>new window>currency pair on an hourly for example, and then everything sorted itself out. Also check that you have a decent enough connection in the bottom right of the platform smile

    Hope you come right. else contact
  • there any bugs to cause that to happen?
  • When mt4 is first opened you always have to go through this 'close everything and re-open'. Bug for sure.
  • sometimes but on other platform i have never had the issue. Its usually loaded with some nice indicators and stuff too, but if it doesnt resolve itself in a day or so, then close and reopen is the best way to go.
  • It could also be that when Varengold MT4 is first opened it is preloaded with eurusd etc. pairs while on free100 you need the eursdt pairs the feed of which comes from a different server Varengold-Varengold that is.

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