What platform do you use to build your trading model?

  • What platform do you use to build your trading model? Are they free or paid? Web based or mobile based?
  • Hi MK1988,
    I think you can use any desktop platform to develop a strategy but it needs to provide plenty of historical data. Mobile platforms are okay if you have experience and a strategy as well, but they are quite uncomfortable and in my opinion you need a minimum (13" +) screen size to analyze price action.

    The best paid platform to simulate price action is Forex Tester2. You can test your strategy on most currency pairs on over 15 years of 1 minute historic data. It is available for a 40% discount until Monday (A free trial version also available):
    In observance of the US Independence Day holiday Forex Tester are offering a great discount on their popular Forex simulator software.

  • stellaadorjan
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    Currently, I'm using an advanced and easy to use online platform, it has never been so easy to trade in global capital markets. Stop wasting your time, and start earning money with this useful platform.

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