I`m new on trading I need Financial Fund to start

  • Hi I`m Mr Louis J Nkosi,I need some one who can help me with loan,fund or grant money to start trading please help me to help my self and my wife and our five childrens to have a place called home,please please help, because at the moment I`m Unemployed and broke please help,and GOD bless you...Louis J Nkosi from South Africa
  • I`m Louis J Nkosi again my Email is: siloamj@gmail.com
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    Hi LJ Nkosi,
    Welcome to tradimo!
    Mastering trading takes time and patience. If you would like to learn about trading please visit our Learn section:
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    Let me know if you have questions.
  • I suggest you should not think to trade to earn fast and big money when you are having problem to run your family. Greed is not at all good for forex trader. I have blown my account more than 10 times needing money.
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