knowledge is important (patience and discipline is more...)

  • hi everybody. I'm Portuguese and I want to learn a little bit more on trading. This lessons already help me to analyse charts and make some decisions. So many mistakes i have done before, and thanks to tradimo i have understand way. Not a big specialist, neither with enough experience to make a life of it. I'm starting with little amounts and spread in several companies. Let's see how at the end of a year how things are going.

    Sorry for the probably English errors.

    Good trades for everyone.
  • Trading Experte, u.a. verantwortlich für Tradimo Premium
    Warm welcome Manuel!
    Maybe the Premium Service is something for you. We create an individual learning plan for you to learn more effective and with a strong help on your site.

    Kind regards
  • hi, i also believe in that. But, my main job requires a lot of time and i probably will not be able to focus on that Premium Service. At this moment i only have free time at Sundays and one or two during one or two days of the week. But, once the work calm down a little I will get that Premium Service.
    Meanwhile, I'm studying, viewing videos, and see the behaviour on the charts.

  • Trading Experte, u.a. verantwortlich für Tradimo Premium
    Hello Manuel,

    We also offer some cool strategies for fultlime employees, where you only need few minutes per day.

    Best regards
  • hi everyone my name is amanda from Tanzania
    i know abit about trading but i need more experience that i can be an expert...

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