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    Hello Traders!
    This is the answer for some traders, who asked about the levels of supp/resist in trading.
    Of course, there are many articles, about the levels of support&resistance in global net.
    Sure you must study, how the price behaves at levels, but take a note that only Market Profile, Volume analysis, Depth of Market and Footprint can exactly helps you to identify the big trades, places of volume accumulation, priority of levels within the time periods!

    At last, we'll say: - "Market has a Memory about the important levels".
    Tradinionally, we glad to present you the real example of level's significance in trading.
    Thnx to Leila Tengri.
    «« «« «« «« «« Hold Like! »» »» »» »» »»
    (If you have questions, comments, write, reply thoroughly!)
    Best regards, Traders Kazakhstan team "Powerful Traders"
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    Hello Powerful Traders,

    I am now judge your posts as an advertisement. Advertising violates our forum rules.
    You can post analyzes, but then please without the reference to Powerful Traders.

    I strongly recommend our cool course platform for those purposes.

    Best regards

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