Hi, need help please regarding beginner strategy

  • Hello Everyone;

    I need a small help to complete my understanding of the "Beginner strategy" for forex (aka fractal startegy).

    when i need to put in my order, i need to take into consideration the spread.

    My questions:

    1- Do i calculate the spread by subtracting "buy" price from sell "price"?
    2- lets say i subtracted the above and i get 4 pips spread, when i buy, do i add 4 pips to the entry price? and when i sell do i subtract 4 pips from the entry price?

    please help as this part is confusing me
  • Hi Tarek,
    Yes the spread is the difference between the bid and the ask (sell and buy).
    No, you only add the spread to buy orders:
    -entry when buying
    -stop loss and take profit when selling

    Let me know if it doesn't make sense.
  • Peter... i just have one thing to say... "Heaven bless you man" am looking forward to finish the free learning module so i can register to the professional modules. what a great costumer service even at the level of a free user. This is the good spirit. bless you
  • please let me know where i can write reviews about my amazing overall experience with tradimo
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    Hi Tarek,

    Thank you for offering a review.

    You may write it here:

    or send it to us by email to support@tradimo.com and we can publish it on our course platform

    You may also spread the word about us on other forums wink

    Have a great weekend.
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