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    Chapter 21, part 3 - "Revelation of the Unknown Trader's market philosophy."
    (From the book "History of the Powerful Traders."
    "This vital passage dedicated to traders of all levels and kinds. Someone finds something familiar, for others it will be a stranger, probably I didn't catch root of all philosophy, but everything that I write is a certain truth. The most important thing that this message comes from the depths of the unknown Hearts Treydershi. In general, the theme is interesting, extensive and very versatile, it will be very difficult to write briefly, since Trading combines the fate of many people around the world. Each has its own destiny, somebody got burned in one and found salvation in trading, most contrary ruined in trading, some years working hard and still earn a penny, and not understanding the essence of the financial universe. You know, after traveling halfway around the world, I noticed that there are people for whom trading is a gamble, but with serious resources in terms of the recovery of funds, they are absolutely no sense to anything in the market, there are stupid groomed boys arranged for an acquaintance in the notorious Wall Street and as uncomprehending the essence of his work, but there is talent living in remote places, but have scientific knowledge and vice versa seeking the financial Olympus, where they will appreciate, including a vanity for someone to market is the doctrine of the dry analysis who think only about his salary rubbing pants in a corporation, there are financial geniuses threadbare jacket, which silently turn their hundreds of millions in one day and about which not even think that they are the "doll-kings" of liquidity, creating a slight imbalance in the early Asian session, some people have a deep and amazing intuition that feel vibrations and fluctuations of the market without kakih-libo analysis, there are some that are already at the genetic level in the blood of these capitalists are born like birds of prey for trading, there are those who have flair, but always suffer losses, there is also those who have the knowledge, but are afraid of the very trade, likely due to large losses in the past, there are braggarts and allegedly "IMHO geeks" who have managed to hold a series of long-term deals (just smiled fate), but who have lost everything in the literal sense, one large trades and ended the life of alcoholics and in the end there are those who risked, won and was killed at the hands of who sent the "bloody boy", but also have risked, and now living in the Virgin (under the jurisdiction of one of the three in a respectable bungalows.

    Therefore, each is a separate philosophy, separate life lesson, a separate and individual struggle for life, struggle with their fears and complexes, but basically it is a struggle with his laziness, emotions, unnecessary haste, ignorance and vices. And all this philosophy, hundreds of thousands or millions of emotions intertwined in a cannonade, a single roar, into a single happiness, into a single remorse, into a single defeat, a single Victoria, in a single curse or a single success, power which in this psychedelic forms, metaphysically took the form displayed on the screen and nervously twitching bars at the terminal, which is now facing another green rookie who wants to truly become rich, but amateurish ignorant reverse side of the coin. market philosophy is essentially simple and primitive as bid and ask locally and has the same difference between victory or defeat (most recently), he absolutely does not care about your level of fitness, experience and authority! Also, the market does not matter what conditions you are trading, the market does not see where you are trading in a gloomy rented apartment with a low noutom and poor communication, or anywhere in Cannes heaped studio and framed by beech monitors are only in you and in your choice in any given situation, to buy or sell. Each transaction in its philosophy to be a million, you like Paganini obliged to play on the one string and a samurai must be as focused on the goal and we must do a competent and a good ball, which will be deeply thought out and at the same time provided for and protected by all the rules risk management and hedging. Do not think that really "battered" treydersha decided to scare you, you know very well, that you are trying to engage in trading and there is nothing wrong with the philosophy of the subject and that the results are not pretty. The most important thing is that you recognize yourself that it is impossible / impossible. True confession itself, it is best philosophy "of all time", it is a fact of great strength, intelligence, and a guarantor of the future of Victory. Of course, everyone wants to make very soon, at least some steady income. But I Destroy, exactly in trading quickly and probably will not work !!! Forget !!! The market is also a philosophy of Pandora's box, or carried out in parallel analogy, you are dealing with a very cunning and wise woman.

    You see, one of the parties Trading Philosophy, in that you have to give her all / all himself entirely over the next 2-3 years, and not "I came from the basic work, sat at the terminal for 2 hours and earned a piece of greenery" so do not be! That you can afford after many years, becoming a spice when your brain is not seeing the graphics and course unconsciously, and most projects the movement of the price list and indicates that like today in the European session, will turn and it's time to enter into a deal and really came to studio and opened the terminal, you will be surprised to see the truth of your intelligence and intuition, is that the reversal pattern was formed. This is the philosophy and the real symbiosis with the market! That's just think about it and then draw conclusions, and whether you need a philosophy !? If yes!? You must first have a great desire, mind-blowing restraint and incentive! Next, have your Shanyrak (the house - kazakh.lang). Let it be food, sparse but sufficient to maintain the body and a minimum of noise and everyday needs! Almost complete isolation from any medium of communication and total immersion in the study of the market, ready for sleepless nights, dreams of charts and gauges, to dreams in which you will have to go order flow, you often wake up with a cry of horror that squandered a couple of millions in DoM where a few ticks passed through iceberg body or bell margin call, you will haunt on TV plasma Stop Loss or Take on some '' BBC economic news ", you will automatically look for derivatives course, you will have a lot of waste paper A4, endless recording and volumetric statistics from the crisis 86-87 years, volumetric statistics months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and ticks and, it will all be up until until you feel a monolithic layer of knowledge, experience, developed intuition, foresight, intuition and the ability to constructing multivariate graphs in one dimension, time and space!

    Only after all traveled and studied above, good practice and patience, you will gradually experience, begin to earn a regular amount. There will be fewer lesions, more wins and will be a regular and seriality good trades. There will come a time when you sit down on the track before the flight, let it be in the morning at 3:45, around the silence, you have earned after a good amount of serious trades, feel the peace and joy of the imminent travel, freedom of choice and execution of your desires and dreams for a -What time you will be sad to leave this apartment and the aura which Tempered steel Trading Philosophy. Perhaps you will be sad to the departure, while the chassis does not come off from the Boeing runway. But at the same time, you will gain emotional satisfaction that know the market philosophy, will be the realization of New Life, the awareness of the main things that can make at any point of Light in any derivative financial instruments, be it futures, stock or bond, finding peace of mind, confidence in dolgosroke and independence in life, not to mention the future! We hope that this post is about Philosophy Trading, finds an echo in the hearts of those beginners / Poznan who are looking for truth and are just getting started climbing at Olympus Trading!
    We wish you all successful trades and profits!
    «« «« «« «« «« Hold Like! »» »» »» »» »»
    (If you have questions, comments, write, reply thoroughly!)

    Sincerely Yours, Traders Kazakhstan team "Powerful Traders"
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