Can't See the Next Profit Target

  • I have been practicing the beginner strategy on a demo account. So far, I've encountered the problem of not seeing the next profit target while trading. I have tried scrolling up or down and the chart doesn't move. Can you explain to me how I can find the next profit target in this situation? I have attached two screenshots of when it happened to me. In the first, I was buying and in the second selling. Another detail that may matter is the first screenshot was on Metatrader 5 and the second on Metatrader 4. I'll be sticking with MT4 as a platform for now.

  • Trading Experte, u.a. verantwortlich für Tradimo Premium
    Hello goodluck,

    If you use the MetaTrader 4, you can see more above and below the chart when you left click on the scale where the price is, hold the mouse clicked and draw it to the bottom.
  • Thanks for answering. I'll try it next time I encounter that problem smile

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