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    Hello Dear Tradimo traders

    We just wish to inform that TradeFight has updated the Head-to-Head and Trade Contest platform with new feature ANT (Available fo New Trades). With new ANT balance calculation you have to make trades even more prudent, because you can only spent limited amount of 1000$ which equally initially pre-set for both contestants. Now, you cant simply trade the grid systems and open trades reckless. Since you have limited amount to spent on trades, the trading mind set is required more than ever in order to trade the trader. We believe that traders which will cut their loses and run their profits will be now the most successful. What do you think?
  • Official TradeFight Representative
    Hello Dear Tradimo traders

    TradeFight web site recently underwent a make-over and is ready to show off its fresh new design. The new site is easier to navigate and includes new features like 60+ new markets, an upgraded Binary Trader and multiple intraday Trade Contests.

    As you explore the new site, one of the first things you’ll notice is the upgraded Binary Trader with many different durations available, where the shortest one is due in 15 seconds and the longest one in 4 hours. You choose for yourself what expiry and payout suit your trading style. TradeFight page also provides easy access to Head-to-Head and a Trade Contest platform so you can easy swap the platforms. When markets are too scattered for Binary Trader (Options) you easily swap to Head-to-Head where scalping techniques often pays off. Trending markets are great to jump in a Trade Contests so we invite you to explore the rest of the site to learn about the practical ways you can make the profit on it.

    The new online site gives visitors the opportunity to open a FREE DEMO account and take advantage of ongoing promotions available. The "100% First deposit bonus" and "Demo trader of the week" are currently active, but other promotions will be added in the future; yet another way to reward our loyal traders. We encourage you to visit our new site and explore the changes we’ve made to bring us all closer together. Good luck!
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    Hello Dear Tradimo traders

    We are pleased to announce that we have launched an interactive Pro-Charts. Traders can now use a TradeFight tick charts (where each tick clearly recorded) and NEW TradeFight Pro-Chart to trade the markets. The Candlesticks are set as default Pro-Chart but from drop-down menu you can easily apply any other type of chart.

    There are also indicators in a separate drop-down menu where several in-built indicators exist in Pro-Chart, including those that interpret trend, volatility and momentum. Technical analysts use this information to evaluate historical performance and to predict future prices.

    Pro-Charts are available on all three TradeFight platforms (Binary Trader, Head-To-Head, Trade Contest) both on LIVE and DEMO platform. We encourage you to visit our site and explore the changes we’ve made to bring us all closer together. DEMO account is FREE visit us! Good luck!

    TradeFight Support Team

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