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  • Wanted to make a demo account at markets, downloading MT4, but the software looks totally different. I dont think its a good broker for beginners, since there is a completely different software, which will be confusing
  • neheda:
    Wanted to make a demo account at markets, downloading MT4, but the software looks totally different. I dont think its a good broker for beginners, since there is a completely different software, which will be confusing

    Hi neheda, has actually 2 downloadable platforms, metatrader 4 and marketrader wich is very different from what you are used to.

    Please make sure you have the MT4 platform installed and get back us.
  • Aviatar
    I didint like Markettrader...
  • I think Markettrader is rather for people who just want to execute a long-term trade with little leverage, not short-term technical traders.

    For you, Amilo and naheda, I would always recommend MetaTrader 4 at
  • ah okay, so i have to look at their HP more in detail biggrin

    Me fail!
  • They do have a new webtrading system now, the sirix system, which looks a little better, but not good for beginners. Always download the MetaTrader ....... Especially when you just start it is very clear and practicable.
  • Does anyone know anything about the commission and other factors you should be aware of with
  • Hi what can you say about the and there services?
  • Hi Lockstock,
    They are serious in their business professional and give you best service. As a trader you need no reroute and good spread their spread in major 3 to 4pips. They are regulated and customer service is good.At the end you choose what you feel good and close to your requirements. Personally i have so far good experience.
  • What can you say about saying you have to open your live account now if you what me to help you to learn trading by not asking first if I already have a demo account? Isn't that rude?you have to open a live account now as in now if you have mt to teach you how to trade..... And that was shock me the only broker agent told that and I'm really disappointed with that manners.
  • Hi,
    I opened live account with successfully but i have not deposited any amount yet.
    1. Will i get any tradimo points for just opening an account or do i have to deposit first to get tradimo points?
    2. Now i have my platform ID and password. I tried login with MT4 with this.but it said invalid account.
    How can i login now? do i have to deposit first to login in to MT4? if not what i need to give in login and password field and also which server i should select?
  • Hi Faaraz,
    Have you followed all steps and included tradimo as promo code?

    1. You get tp for trading real money, you need to deposit and you need to place at least 1 trade. Also please note it takes a few days for the points to be credited.
    2. You need the right account ID, password and server as well. To get help with that please get in touch with (we don't have access to your account information)
    You do not need to deposit in order to be able to log in.

    Hope you get it sorted quick.
  • Hi,
    I read in the website under FAQ section that offer mini, standard and VIP lots of accounts to trade with.
    Is that true? No micro lots?
    If yes then its not good for the beginner to trade with a mini lot as he is new.
  • Hi,
    It will be helpful to know that which brokers offer micro lots to trade with?
  • last edited Mar 5 2014 8:04 pm
    Hi Faraaz,
    from the data i see on their website the minimum trading size is 1 micro lot. The information you have seen relates to the account types which only differ by the extra services they come with. Regards.
  • Hello everyone.
    Before opening an account, as beginners, you need to know about pips and spreads... For those who have markets accounts, it's really interesting i shall mention that my first steps were with them, my first great losses and profits too.. has spreads which are not really interesting compared with othe very good brokers...
    I.e ( spreads on eur/usd spot=3

    Anyway, thanks to Peter, I think i will start a blog where beginners like me will find their way out in this crazy financial markets. I really want your trading experience to be amazing..
    French will be allowed for french speakers...
  • trade marketing is very interesting. is best i think.
  • Thru tradimo i openend after doing the quiz an account at with the 100$ bonus but now putting the account number in the list with brokers for points the list doesn´t seem to work well. There stays a little pencil in stead of a diskette. ? The contact said i had to verificate with tradimo my account number for the $100.
  • last edited Sep 9 2014 4:25 pm
    Hi Droad,
    The disk only appears at boxes where you haven't yet attempted to save an account number. The pencil remains active until you earn your first tradimo point. Please note however that trading only the free100 without making a deposit does not make you eligible for tradimo points and that this bonus is offered to our members on an invitation only basis.

    Please refer to our FAQs


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