HK40 symbol change
The HK40 symbol will be listed as HK50 starting Friday, 27th February, to better reflect the underlying assets that compose the index.
  • Trades and orders – After the close of market on 27 February, any HK40 trades that are opened will be closed at the entry rate and then reopened at the same rate with the symbol HK50. This will not result in a realized P&L event.
  • Pending orders will not be transferred and customers will need to reestablish them on the new symbol.
  • Expert Advisors – After the update, the product symbol associated with a customer's account will be updated. EA's that customers use will have to be reconfigured to the new symbols. If they are unsure how to do so, please instruct them to contact their EA vendor.
  • Charts – If customers have any open charts, they will need to drag and drop the new symbol to receive the streaming rates.

Mandatory MetaTrader Software Upgrade – 1 March