Scam, false advertising CMC Markets!

  • I have open accout at CMC more than 1 year, last week i have decided to try the platform and deposit the 100 euros to take advanage of the 100 euros credit.

    The live chat support have confirm that i will recibe the 100 credit after the deposit.

    So i have deposit i have request the bonus credit and they have say " wait to the end of the day for the department analyses"

    In the next day i have recibe an email saying:

    unfortunately you are not eligible due to appropriateness. On the opening of account all customers are questioned on their knowledge of the products we provide.

    Where there are clients with limited knowledge of the risks associated we do reserve the right to rescind offers as per our terms of business.

    How they have valued??? i just have open 3 positions at binary options!

    I have reply and they have change the opinion:

    In response to your email we have reviewed your account. In order to be eligible for the bonus payment you would have needed to fund the account within the first 30 days of opening.

    After thet i have send the T&C and they have reply again with other "excuse"

    As per Clause 3 of the Terms of this offer, the promotional amount of £100 “will not be available to any person who does not meet the criteria of appropriateness as set out in CMC Markets’ policies and procedures (or any law or regulation)”. If we discover that you are an Ineligible Client, we reserve the right to disqualify you and revoke the offer at any time.

    As part of the application you completed for your CFD trading account in May 2014, you accepted the following declaration:

    “The information I have provided to CMC Markets about myself is accurate and not misleading in any material respect. In addition, I will notify CMC Markets immediately if any of that information materially changes or ceases to be true and correct.”

    Further, in accordance with clause 7.3.1(b) of our Terms of Business, you gave the following declaration and assurance:

    “all information that you supply to us from time to time (whether via your application or otherwise) is complete, true, accurate and not misleading in any respect that would affect our decision as to whether or not to open an Account for you and/or accept your Orders and you will inform us immediately, in writing, of any change to the information you have previously provided to us that could affect our dealings with you”.
    CMC Markets is strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and fully complies with all of its regulatory obligations and duties towards it clients. We are required to assess a client’s appropriateness to trade the types of products we offer.

    Based on the information you submitted to us in your application with regards to your knowledge, experience and financial standing we assessed that CFD trading may not be appropriate for you. Subsequently, we recommended that you seriously consider whether you still wished to proceed with the application.

    At this point we explained that:

    “Based on the information you have provided us with during the application process on your knowledge, experience and financial standing, it is our opinion that you are unlikely to fully understand the risks involved and the potential financial costs to you, with respect to CFD trading and as such it may not be appropriate for you. Therefore we would recommend that you seriously consider whether you still wish to proceed with this application.”

    “If after having considered this, you still wish to engage in CFD trading we urge that you only do so after familiarising yourself with a the demo account available on our platform and reviewing our educational material and the Risk Warning Notice for CFD margin trades. You may also wish to seek independent advice on this.

    Please remember that CFD trading is a leveraged product and carries a high level of risk to your capital as prices may move rapidly against you. It is possible to lose more than your initial investment and you may be required to make further payments. This product may not be suitable for all customers therefore you must ensure that you understand the risks.”

    Before we allowed you to proceed, you were required to read and accept the following declaration;

    “I will ensure that I will familiarise myself with the relevant products, the demo account and educational material beforehand and I will only proceed if I feel comfortable to do so”.

    CMC Markets relied on the information you provided and the declarations you made, and understood that you were happy to proceed with your application. Whilst we did permit you to open a CFD trading account with us (following your acceptance of the risk disclaimer above), the fact remains that based on the information you provided us with you were considered in inappropriate client and therefore you are ineligible as far as this promotional offer is concerned.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. I would, however, like to notify you that CMC Markets fiercely protects its name and reputation. Accordingly, we will take all steps to defend the company should false accusations be made, in any form and via any medium, about it. Any such proceedings will be vigorously defended and we reserve all of our rights in this regard.

    And they did not give the Credit! i will publish this at Forexfactory.
  • Hi Freelancer,
    I am sorry for you being denied the bonus. However, please bear in mind brokers do have the right to refuse to award bonuses, if they deem it appropriate, without having to offer an explanation.
    Kind Regards.
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