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  • not available to indonesia frown cry cry
  • Hi arifx,

    Unfortunately this promotion does exclude Indonesia.

    Please keep checking the free starting capital page for future offers from our brokers.

  • sad to know that miss emma, i am indonesian too...
    i hope tradimo can make a big change for indonesian trader, can we?
  • Hi Mangshalee,

    Unfortunately the broker is the one who has set these Terms and Conditions, we have no influence on their decision on any country exclusion.

    Like I said before, please feel free to check out the free starting capital page regularly to see if/when any promotions come up that could be of interest to you.

    As a silver member, have you considered a personal coaching with one of our experts?

    And don't forget to check out our trading room:

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    Happy trading
  • ayondo is working on making itself available for Indonesian citizens as well. Hopefully you can soon sign up there.
  • Why did i had to create an exception rule on firefox to access page? Is the page safe? Is it safe to put personal data in there?
  • Hi Goose,
    Thank you for reporting it. We are aware of this problem and will be working on a solution. As long as you follow the links provided by us you are directed to safe sites. Regards.
  • last edited Oct 25 2013 4:03 pm
    Hello! Accepted the invitation of Tradimo I received in my email yesterday to join the site Ayondo, completed the questionnaire Tradimo Ayondo and entered the site through the link on the site Tradimo, filled out the first questionnaire, but did not know what to do or what account should I open to receive a bonus of 100 euros. In the email I received from Ayondo not say how to connect my own and do not explain anything. Should I open a Demo Account or Live to connect to my account Tradimo and receive my bonus? When I log in Ayondo am directed to "Home" and there appears a message that opening a Demo account would receive 100 euros to experience, but Tradimo says it would be a Live account. Please help me solve this question! I have sent an email to Ayondo with this doubt, but still no answer and there they say that promotion is limited!
  • Hi Clauk,
    Can you attach screenshot of the pages in question. Please note you need to open 2 accounts. Ayondo and Ayondo markets and connect those. Regards.
  • Thanks! But there "Home" has two options: Demo or Live. The demo account is offered 100euros to start, but the Live account says you have to deposit a minimum of 100euros, but says nothing about the option of connecting and Tradimo Ayondo account. What should I open?
  • Hello! I managed to open the account, I had to go through the Chrome browser, Internet Explorer was the problem! I opened the account and have received an email with the list of documents that need to send ... I believe that after going to see the option to connect your account with Live Ayondo Tradimo, is not it? I will send the documents and wait for the response. Thank you for attention!
  • You'll find the instruction to connect the 2 accounts during the application process. You won't miss it! smile
  • Did not show this to me, I received an email saying that people who live outside the UK need to send the documents authenticated by email to receive confirmation of the account! I was not given this option during the opening, I think it's not live in the UK.
  • You will need to provide ID and proof of address before your account is opened. Did the email say they have to be certified?
  • In the email they said that the documents need to be authenticated and certified by authorities in my country. I think after all the procedures they will open my account and show me the option to connect to my account with Tradimo. Anyone else had this problem? In Ayondo site, they can not see as I walked affiliate of Tradimo?
  • In Tradimo-Ayondo is 62%
  • i applied at ayondo yesterday but todeay i received an email from them and they declined my applicatio "Your ayondo markets Live Account Application - Application Declined " anyone explain it to me please

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