Hou Yifan’s opening game to the financial world

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    Hi tradimo Members,

    My name is Hou Yifan, I am the women’s chess world champion and I am here to learn about finance and trading. I will use this blog to document my trading journey, my experiences and hopefully, my successes too. Currently, I am in Baku, Azerbaijan, for the Chess Olympiad, but I have already started learning about the markets with tradimo’s wonderful courses which are really helpful for a beginner, like me.

    I have taken my first lessons and beginning to understand how is it possible to make money by just buying, holding onto and selling an asset. If you are new too, check out Forex Trading - Introductory Course. Having this out of the way, I can now move onto learning about the different types of markets, in particular, the forex market , which I find really interesting, perhaps because they tell the story of countries, some of which I have been fortunate enough to visit and get to know, as a contestant in a tournament or just as a tourist.

    Until my next update, have a great week everyone
  • Hi Yifan,
    It is a pleasure to have you learn with us. I really enjoyed your interview with Sebastian. As you learn more with us, you will discover even more similarities between chess and trading. I am sure you'll love it.

    To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I embed here the interview again:

    Good luck in Baku!
  • Dear tradimo Members,
    The Chess Olympiad in Baku, the beautiful capital city of Azerbaijan, has now finished, and my national Team (China) has won the Olympic Gold medal. I feel very honored to have been able to be part of this amazing team and compete against the strongest chess players from around the world. It was an incredible experience and I will cherish the memories and new friendships I made during the 2 weeks.

    Watch the chess players sign ‘Imagine’ at the closing ceremony:

    It is always a little sad when such a great event comes to an end, but it also means that I can focus on my trading and finance studies again. Currently, I am exploring the topic of money management and how one needs to adopt a long term, low risk, strategic approach (an insight that also applies to chess smile) in order to be successful. Tradimo has recommended me to take a look at the Don’t go broke - protect your capital course to help me transfer this mindset from chess to trading.

    I will start with the first lesson now and update you once I’m done smile If you’re taking the same lesson, let me know how you find it and share your questions here, together we’re stronger

    Thank you for reading my latest post, until next time I wish you a great time on tradimo!
    Kind Regards
  • My Dear Followers,

    It has been a while since my last post, I am sorry, I didn’t find the time to update you all.

    A lot has happened to me in the last few weeks, where to begin…

    I had my first live trader training webinar, Will (Community Manager at tradimo China) was kind enough to take the time and explain to me how the Beginner Strategy works, in front of a small audience who joined us for the live session.

    That’s right, I am through the basics and now learning a specific strategy. Speaking of which, initially, I have found it confusing to having to first look for an up fractal, then a down fractal and finally an up fractal break again, but in the end, it all started making sense to me. If you don’t know what I mean with all the fractals and breaks, don’t get put off, just check out the Forex Beginner Strategy course. It is quite technical and ‘dry’ when you start out, but Will’s analogy between how trends and seasons develop is quite enlightening and I think it can help you to understand the concept too. If you are interested, tradimo created a shorter version of the webinar, I highly recommend you to watch it, if you want to understand and trade this simple strategy. Sorry, the video is in Chinese but tradimo added English subtitles wink

    I have also visited Kamchatka, North East Russia for a friendly match. It was a great experience and a lot of fun, only the weather could have been ‘friendlier’ smile, it was quite wintry for that time of the year, but maybe it is normal there. Since the 30th of September, I am in the UK for the Isle of Man International which will finish on Sunday, the 9th of October. Currently, I need to focus on this tournament, but hopefully, next week I can practice trading again.

    Me with bears... haven't found any bulls tough biggrin

    If you are trading with the Beginner Strategy, please let me know if you have any tips, insights into how you apply this strategy.

    Thank you for dropping by, I look forward to hearing from you, until next time, I wish you a great time on tradimo!
    Kind Regards
  • @Roman Golub thank you smile I will add you

    Dear Followers,

    Just a quick update from me for this week, as I am travelling quite a lot these day. The Isle of Man International has finished, and unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I would have liked it to. I lost a very important game against Carauna (US), and for the last four games, I feel, I have experienced a bit of a set back.

    Beautiful seaside on the Isle Of Man

    In these times, it is important to learn to relax and let go of all the negative feelings. Luckily, I don’t have too much time to dwell on my mistakes, nevertheless, I need to learn from them. This is definitely true for chess, but as I have just found out, it applies to trading too.

    While on my way from the Isle of Man to Hamburg, Germany, at the airport, I had the chance to complete a short tradimo course called Psychology Patterns which identifies unproductive thinking patterns and helps develop positive habits in order to master your emotions in high pressure, competitive pursuits, like chess or trading. If you feel, your rational decision making is adversely affected by your emotions, have a look at this course, I am sure, you will find it helpful too.

    Below in the comments, you can also share with me how you lift yourself up when your performance hits the floor.

    As I said, I am really busy now, I left Germany for the Netherlands already, where I will participate in a 6 game tournament against Nigel Short (UK). Root for me smile

    Thank you again for reading my latest post, wish you all a great weekend.
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    Dear Followers,

    A quick update from the Netherlands, I am in the midst of my 6 game tournament against Nigel Short in the townhall of Hoogeveen. So far, I am not doing very well, lost 2 games and drew 2 with 2 more to go, so I have to do my best to win today’s and tomorrow’s match.

    Sebastian told me 2 people are sure to join us in Beijing; Nawwar, Jonathan, congratulations on referring an amazing number of friends, can’t wait to meet you next year!

    In the meantime, I have signed up on SwipeStox, my ID is simply Hou Yifan. If you are on SwipeStox already, please add me! If you haven’t registered, ask tradimo how to sign up.

    Although, there’s still a month to go and I have several difficult matches ahead of me, I can’t wait for the €100,000 Group Investment Challenge to begin. It will be fun to get to know each other, share trades, discuss our results.

    Wish me good luck today and the tomorrow against Nigel, I will update you how the game went.

    Kind Regards
  • Good luck Hou Yifan!
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    Thank you Guys!

    Dear Followers,
    Apart from the defeat I suffered from Nigel Short, I had a great time in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. It is a beautiful place, just look at the photos I took:

    The town hall where the games took place

    A walk in the forest

    Closing ceremony, Nigel in the middle

    Right now, I am in Southern Europe, for the Corsica Circuit knockout stage. Just went through to the quarter finals. It is a very fast paced tournament, consisting of short, 15 minute games with only 3 seconds for each move. It requires a complete different mindset than traditional chess and is not suitable for everyone. Very similar to scalping in trading smile where you make a lot of transactions in only a matter of a few minutes or hours. If you like the action, the adrenaline and you have nerves of steel, it could be that scalping is the way for you to go. Tradimo has a great course that can introduce you to this technique, however, I prefer something more relaxed, like the Forex Beginner Strategy or the Zone Trade where there is more strategy and planning going into it. What kind of trader are you? Which style do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

    I am playing tomorrow too, wish me good luck and I will update you next week too.
    Have a great weekend Everyone!
    Kind Regards
  • Dear Followers,

    A quick update from me for this week.

    Corsica was a great experience, but this year, I only made it into the Quarter Finals. Now, I am on my way to Novi Sad (Serbia) for the European Club Cup. My SwipeStox/Hanseatic Brokerhouse account is all set up, and hopefully, I can begin trading with real money next week.

    Make sure you follow me on SwipeStox (look for Hou Yifan), I will try to post a few trades here too.

    We have made a video at the Corsica Circuit 20th Anniversary celebration, tradimo uploaded it on YouTube so you can watch it too.

    Enjoy your weekend
    Kind Regards
  • Dear Followers,

    I've kindly been included in the Tradimo Premium Program and been studying hard over the last months. My learning lessons are now summarised in the course Hou Yifan - Ultimate Trading Starter Kit for Beginners.

    The tournament in Gibraltar was tough and enough has been said about it in the media, so I don't want to focus on it too much here. But I've really enjoyed coming back to Gibraltar otherwise and also met with Jose from the Tradimo team to record an interview and take photos.

    Hou Yifan Trading
    Meeting with Tradimo

    My gold trade is so far my most successful of my trades and the reason why my portfolio is now finally up smile.

    How have you all been, where are you currently in your learning progress?
    All the best

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